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Travel like a Pro - Best Travel Hacks

Travel like a Pro - Best Travel Hacks

December 04, 2017

Doesn't all that traveling stress you out? How often do I get asked this question. I like the feeling of being on the move, for me traveling means freedom and relaxation at the same time. Luckily, I can work anywhere that has electricity and WiFi. So I can also use waiting times to work or even better to relax ;-).

Airport friends, moments of a different life Conversations during boarding, a Coke Zero together at the gate. These little adventures are incredibly inspiring and there's no better place to chill than above the clouds. Because the cell phone is silent ;-)

Here are a few not always serious travel hacks for relaxed travel and arrival.

1. Be open: The best thing about traveling is the people and the conversations that arise when traveling together. I always get insider tips, rides, mini language courses, etc. organized through fellow travelers.

2. Nothing is more stressful than the long search for electricity at the airport or arguing with the person next to you on the train about the central socket. Solution: super battery or case with integrated battery or power bank.

3. There are said to be status-oriented people who are hoping for a business upgrade in their jacket... I tend to prefer comfortable clothing and, above all, shoes, the walking distances can be long and complicated boots etc. have to be taken off at the baggage check. If you still like it, put on good socks ;-).

4. Giant scarf, ideally from VACA VACA, does a good job as a pillow, blanket, poncho against all kinds of temperature fluctuations in all kinds of transport, from planes to ICE to safari jeeps.

5. Clothing - especially depending on the travel destination - in the onion principle. Flip-flops in your handbag or outside pocket of your suitcase.

6. Automated passport control usually has the shortest queue

7. The drinks from the machines are always cheaper than in the airport shop

8. Long queues at passport control can be avoided if you a) join locals and go with them to passport control b) your neighbors from the plane are already further ahead and follow each other with a "nice to see you again". you can sneak up front c) you can attach yourself to the person sitting next to you with a red diplomatic passport/senator card etc

9. Always save your passport/ID etc. photos in a folder on your iPhone, you often have to be able to identify yourself when changing money, at checks etc

10. In the local language a few words for right, left, straight, please thank you, please can receipt to instruct the taxi driver.

11. Since I often travel to remote areas or with unknown suppliers in remote industrial areas, I feel safe when I send my location on Whats App to good friends.

12. Thermal water spray for dry air and gin and tonic for turbulence are real lifesavers.

13. Travel Madness? Always unpack your suitcase and then book the next trip. Puts you in a good mood.

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