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Travelgoals - Warum unsere Tücher die perfekten Reisebegleiter sind

Travelgoals - Why our towels are the perfect travel companions

November 28, 2017

We look forward to more and more postings from you and your favorite VACA VACA cloth from all over the world. Interestingly enough, VACA VACA cloths are also easy to lose in the most remote corners of the world ;-) Now there are simply new VACA VACA brand ambassadors walking around in South Africa and Australia. Also good ;-)
That's why we're dedicating today's post to all travelers and what great things you can do with the towels when travelling.
Airplanes, trains and buses don't exactly have the reputation of being well tempered. Too cold and often there is a draft in every nook and corner or you just want some peace and quiet from pushy fellow travelers ;-).
So cuddle up, cover up and hide. By the way, today on , airplane pillows and blankets are not always freshly washed and are therefore true germ spreaders.
We even passed the Safari test. Marie reports from South Africa:
"Anyone who wants to see the Big Five has to get up early, so in the morning you can snuggle up comfortably in the safari jeep in the giant scarf. Later, the scarf becomes a cozy blanket on which you can enjoy the romantic sunrise!"
Later on the beach, the fluffy giant scarf becomes a beach towel or pareo.

With VACA VACA you always fly like in business class

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