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Help with color choice

To make it easier for you to decide on your favorite colors, we have integrated the towels into a color scheme. From my many years of sales experience at trade fairs, I know that the right color makes eyes, complexion and hair shine, especially when it comes to towels that are worn so close to the face, while less suitable colors quickly make us look sick and pale.

When it comes to color advice, a basic distinction is made between cold and warm colors. If you are unsure which colors suit you better, there is a simple trick: Does gold or silver suit your skin tone better? Cool types prefer silver jewelry, warm types gold. A rescue blanket has two different sides. Hold the silver side and the gold side next to your face to see which side makes your complexion shine.

Anyone who has ever had a color consultation will also be able to assign themselves to one of the four color types spring, summer, autumn and winter.

We have divided the towels into cold and warm colors and put together the color spectrums of the four color types. Spring and autumn are assigned to the warm colors, summer and winter to the cold colors. So you can see exactly which colors suit your type and which colors can be combined well with each other when you put together an outfit with the right accessories.

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