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In 2015, Caro discovered the magic of traditional Anotolian weaving patterns. The colorful fringed towels with their diverse styling and application options quickly became VACA VACA's core business. Cuddly, cuddly quality, radiant patterns and boho fringes make the hand-woven VACA VACA cotton towels so special. The VACA VACA range has now been expanded to include blankets and brightly colored wellness towels for the sauna, sports, swimming pool and beach.

Our logo, the eye, has several meanings. It stands for our view of beautiful things. As an old oriental symbol of protection, it is said to ward off the evil eye. A beautiful symbolism for Caro, which is also tattooed on her left wrist.

In Budenheim near Mainz, Caro and Büsra take care of the day-to-day business. They are supported by Nadja and Sonja in the online shop, as well as Markus, who looks after the online shop, and Carmen, who conjures up our beautiful graphics. All dealers can see our collection by appointment at Horst's Lieberum agency in Hamburg.

Description of our family business for cotton towels

Our towels are made in small family businesses in Anatolia and close to the Syrian border in Turkey.

We know all of our suppliers personally and have assured ourselves of fair working conditions on site.

Baran and his team in Denizli are our specialists for hammam towels. Weaver Edip is our specialist for our collections with the colorful fringes that come from the Hatay region.

The patterns have been passed on in families for generations, we combine this traditional knowledge with modern vibes and trend colors.

For each cloth, around six kilometers of thread are woven into a cozy fabric on semi-mechanical wooden looms that are up to 100 years old. Depending on the pattern, the towels feel different. Even the same patterns look different from cloth to cloth. That is the personal signature of the weaver, which makes each cloth unique. All knots in the fringes are then tied by hand, the cloths are pre-washed and dried in the sun.

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