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Das echte Paris - ein etwas anderer Guide

The real Paris - a slightly different guide

September 19, 2018

For me, Paris is a city of contrasts. On the one hand overwhelming beauty, unpleasant train station experiences and people with 25.000€ clothes walking next to homeless people. Even the outward journey on the train like something out of a French independent film: the main role is played by a glowing Frenchman with a vintage Rolex and a (very lively) house cat on the leash for the package, which cheerfully walks on the train and distributes cat hair in an inflationary manner. Still foggy from cat hair allergy, then ran into ticket fraudsters, only to find out that French subways mostly have broken elevators and 20kg suitcases and Miu-Miu platform shoes are only partially suitable for the classic Paris subway stairs -Challenge are. But anyway, once you have emerged from the subway, the romance of the stucco-decorated facade and chimney-reinforced roofs catches you very quickly.

The classic Paris romance sometimes hides behind crowds of tourists.

Our hotel, aptly named "La Mondäne" is definitely picture-postcard Paris. Stucco, patterned wallpaper, lots of stairs, Leo carpet, patterned wallpaper and bright red doors.

Definitely walk up Montmartre at eight in the morning. The Amelie comparison is now over, but we were really all alone and a morning magic lay over the city.

The best coffee in Paris and Paris riche gratis is available at the hidden Cafe Honor . On the posh Rue du Faubourg St. Honoré in a backyard directly opposite the Burberry boutique, you can see the beautiful and the very rich and mock the hip high-end street styles. The whole world meets under the rubber tree for a delicious café with homemade banana bread.

Bien sur, somewhere behind all the sellers of crazy blinking plastic towers, we found the real Eiffel Tower. Be sure to reserve all tickets for the sights online in advance and preferably also the metro tickets, otherwise you will quickly get caught by scammers at the train station.

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