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Travelgoals: Kappadokien

Travelgoals: Cappadocia

November 25, 2017

Hundreds of colorful hot air balloons float above bizarre rock formations. Even though I thought quite a few pictures of it were blogger fake, Cappadocia has been on my personal bucket list for a long time. But I didn't believe that I would swap the rainy November gray for colorful hot air balloons so quickly after many 7-day weeks. But there are surprises ;-) And then I found myself at the airport in Istanbul. I know the international terminal like the contents of my handbag, but the domestic terminal looks different and at the latest when a gray kitten eagerly sharpened its claws on my Chloe bag and snuggled into my travel towel, the whole thing felt more like an adventure. Turkish Airlines has several daily flights to Nevsehir or Kayseri via Istanbul (1 hour drive). Stylish hotels away from mass tourism in Göreme can be found in Ucisar. Ucisar is something like the Ibiza Town of Cappadocia. And from here everything is like an Insa story and the pictures don't even need Photoshop. I arrived in the evening in the dark and on the terrace of the Millstone Cave Suites fires were already burning in old oil drums and stone troughs. Super romantic! The suites are partly built in the traditional tuff caves in typical local architecture and from the terrace and the rooftops you have a great view over the lunar landscape. The next morning, the balloons announce themselves with the characteristic sound. And there they are. Absolutely unreal, hundreds of colorful balloons rise over the tuff cones into the sunrise. The stones change color in the light of the rising sun, through white, red, pink, dark red in all possible shades. To see the balloons you have to get up early ;-) 7 o'clock.

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