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Wie führe ich mein Unternehmen sicher durch die Corona-Krise

How do I lead my company safely through the Corona crisis

March 19, 2020

I have put together 10 tips for you that have helped me in the last few days or that I received in exchange with entrepreneur friends.
1. Inventory or the sober number check
How long will my company remain solvent, what liabilities do I have and which of these can possibly be negotiated. A phone call to the tax advisor helps here to get the latest developments on state aid, short-time work or tax deferrals (e.g. income tax).
2. Negotiations on critical issues are best resolved over the phone
We all have to deal with many critical issues these days. We have to negotiate with customers, suppliers and investors. Bills must be paid or deferred. The question often arises as to who has to pay for orders or events that have already been completed (such as all of our unusual trade fairs). How often have I heard the sentence "The A.. can experience something, I'll write a bad mail" in the last few days. A phone call works wonders here, we are all in the same boat and a solution can be found for every directly stated problem in a factual discussion with one another. Together, we will do it!
3. Set priorities
Which ToDos ensure that the company is secured, which costs can be avoided, which acquisitions are postponed. Get to grips with your numbers, this is now essential for survival. If you're still breeding the paperwork in the shoe box, now you have time to bring all the receipts to light and digital accounting is really fun. I just say Datev app.
4. Arrange fixed daily calls with employees or colleagues
This is how we remain connected in the home office and do not miss our usual everyday work and the people who work with us so much. Once again I am grateful for my (home) office dog.
5. Create alternative sales channels
Two out of three sales channels have also disappeared for us. The trade fairs and our retailers are closed. Creativity is required now! What is the best way to present my offer digitally and with whom from my network can I cooperate in a meaningful way? If so, how can we support each other? Which medium best suits my personality to keep in touch with my customers. What can I do quickly and well
6. Surround yourself with positive people
So many people draw energy these days, with unnecessary whining (often from those who are not doing so badly. Are afraid for their own company, but quickly buy the Porsche out of a Corona emergency), Whats App is used with senseless Corona -Videos banged up. Better to motivate each other and exchange ideas openly. This is how you realize that you are not alone in this situation.
7. Sport and fresh air ensure a positive mindset
Many fitness influencers, yoga schools and fitness studios put exercise videos online or invite people to live classes online. Walks (alone), with the family or dog are not yet prohibited.
8. Be unconventional & bold
Sometimes you have to be brave and ask your network for support, even if it takes effort. Many landlords do not charge their tenants rent for the shop. I also had a huge bag full of groceries in front of my door today, which a dear friend (who has a secure job as a civil servant ;-)) had bought for me. Memo to me, no more jokes about people with supposedly boring jobs ;-)
9. Stay home and shop
Even if we all can't hear it anymore and at first it feels like being locked up at home and watching how you slowly but surely go broke. Many exciting ideas and new beginnings have emerged from the silence, for which one would never have had time in the hectic everyday life. Even if we are all short on cash right now, it helps enormously to use a small part of the budget to support other entrepreneurs so that we can all continue living our dream. So keep shopping at your favorite store via Insta, use the Gastro delivery service, order your favorite olive oil from the fair, stop vouchers and of course cotton towels ;-). So if the article has helped you, you are welcome to buy a bath towel ;-).
10. Everything will be fine, and if not, then it's not the end yet
Oscar Wilde
"The storm is getting stronger!" It doesn't matter. We also!
Pipi Longstocking

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